Ryoko Yabuuchi launched the international version of the board game 
"Yura Yura Penguin" on Kickstarter on June 25, 2020.

We've reached our funding goal in 1.5 hours! Thank you!
What kind of game is Yura Yura Penguin?
It's a card game and a balancing game! It's fun for everyone, kids and adults alike! 
If you can play all the cards you have without breaking the iceberg, you win!

Grab the iceberg cards, rock ice, and penguins, and you'll be swinging! 
It's slippery! Wow! Yikes!

As the game progresses, the iceberg becomes higher and higher, and you can enjoy the heart-pounding excitement of seeing how it might fall over while other players play their cards.

This game is recommended for children and adults of all ages.
■ This is the best part of the International Edition!
I've added new English instructions and changed the penguin tokens from paper to wooden pieces, 
which will be delivered in a box.
It's cuter and more durable!

I also offer some rewards for backers.

◎Super early bird discount for a limited number of people until the end of Game Market Live! 
We can enjoy the event together!

◎A limited edition Kickstarter coaster is included as a bonus!

◎ Stretch goals will be set once you achieve 100%!
 Maybe they'll add some glitter to the box and more penguin patterns! Aim to complete the 18 types of penguins!

◎Get your hands on a special price board game that's only available now!
Product Description.

Product Name: Yura Yura Penguin
Price : 
Yuraura Penguin Standard: 2,480 yen (+shipping)
Yuraura Penguin Deluxe: 2,980 yen (+shipping)
For more information on early bird rates and sets, please see the project page on Kickstarter.
Age: 7 years old and up
Play time: about 15 minutes
Number of players: 2~6 people
Genre: Card game×Dexterity game
Contents (Standard): 48 sea/ice cards / 18 rock ice cards / 1 start card / 14 iceberg cards / 4 wooden penguin pieces / instruction manual (Japanese/English) + Kickstarter bonus coaster +Stretch goal.
Game design and artwork by Ryoko Yabuuchi
Made in Japan
(C) Ryoko Yabuchi All rights reserved.

Official website URL: https://ryokoyabuchi.com/ yurayurapenguin
ヤブウチリョウコ / Ryoko Yabuuchi
Mail: info@ryokoyabuchi.com
URL: https://ryokoyabuchi.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ YabuchiRyoko
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RyokoYabuchi
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ ryokoyabuchi/

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